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  • Nursery & Landscape

    $ 25/month

    116 species in the FFA Nursery/Landscape ID competition with more than 665 high-resolution photos, common and botanical names plus audio pronunciation of each botanical name.

  • Poultry ID

    $ 25/month

    Multiple photos and ID facts, three levels of customizable quizzes, and all the “further processed” poultry cuts, poultry carcass parts, carcass grading examples, egg grading including interior and exterior quality and candling.

  • Floriculture

    $ 25/month

    124 species of with more than 500 high resolution photos, common and botanical names and audio reading of each botanical name’s proper pronunciation.

  • Meat

    $ 25/month

    135 retail cuts and the corresponding primal cuts on the species of beef, pork and lamb in preparation for the Retail Meats ID competition.